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Introducing the BHPS, Inc. Steering Committee.

IMG_9501Debbie Hight, Maine. She is a board member of the Maine Grain Alliance and has excellent organizational talents, great brainstorming, and networking abilities. She rides English and Western with her mare, Roxy.

Dr. Raechel Nelson, Utah. She is a dentist and owner of Desert Rose Dental. An avid horse trainer and regular guest columnist raefor BestHorsePractices (see Mustang Miles & Minutes). Nelson brings smarts, energy, and resourcefulness to the committee.

Robyn Schiller, California. She’s the brains behind Warwick Schiller robynPerformance Horsemanship and a former Human Resources director. An accomplished rider and a quiet, effective, and welcome addition to our team.


-1Dr. Sheryl King, Illinois. King has presented internationally on equine behavior. She’s the president of the Horsemen’s Council of Illinois and a professor emeritus at Southern Illinois University. Dr. King was elected a Fellow of the Equine Science Society in 2009, an Associate in the Fifty Year Horse Society, an SIU Outstanding Scholar and Faculty Service Award recipient.  She has authored many scientific research publications as well as general horse articles and has spoken on horse management topics in more than a half dozen countries on five continents.

Shelley Appleton, western Australia. Shelley is a pharmacy lecturer at Curtin University, a guest lecturer in the Horse shelleyPhysiology and Behavior unit at Murdoch University, and a BestHorsePractices guest columnist. She is a talented rider and has conference development and production experience.

Jim Thomas, North Carolina. Jim runs Bar T Horsemanship, is a TIP trainer for the BLM Wild Horse jim-3and Burro program, and travels widely for clinics. As a long-time military recruiter, he has a great ability to connect with people and has lots of ideas for making this event click. He sits on the executive board for the North Carolina Horse Council.

Emily Thomas Luciano, Florida. Emily (Jim’s daughter) is also a talented emilyhorsewoman. She runs Lucky Dee Communications and brings a great marketing mind to our equation.


Dr. Steve Peters, Utah. Steve is director of the steveMemory Clinic at Intermountain Healthcare Systems and the co-author of Evidence-Based Horsemanship. He’s a skilled presenter and brings a wealth of who’s-who in-horse-world knowledge to the table.


Fred Holcomb, Washington. Fred graduated from Davidson College with honors and was nice enough to share his research project fredon Dwell Time with BestHorsePractices. Since graduation, he has gone to farrier school and is currently interning with an equine veterinarian as well as a horse trainer.

Maddy Butcher, Colorado. Maddy runs Cayuse Communications, a family of six websites. moiShe’s a former free-lancer for the Boston Globe and Wall St. Journal with a passion for learning and sharing knowledge with others for the betterment of horse lives.

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