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It’s about time…

During the pandemic, Maddy Butcher and Jec Ballou have been working on a podcast for horse owners and riders. Look for the first episodes in the next few months and stay tuned for details. Here are a few as they work through initial development:

It will be “Best Horse Practices with Jec Ballou,”  an enlightened space for riders and horse owners of all disciplines to learn best practices and discover ways to connect better and make progress with their horses.

“We believe in problem-solving, having fun, and engaging our audience. We believe in sharing our successes as well as our struggles. We believe in offering take-aways that answer not just the what, but the why and the how,” said Maddy Butcher, who runs Cayuse Communications and directs the Best Horse Practices Summit.

Added Jec, clinician and author of numerous books, “we want our podcast to be a safe, relaxed, fun space for our listeners and for the folks we interview. Along with those regular interviews, there will be segments for feedback, pet peeves, soap box moments, and short stories of momentary yet epic failure. It’s a work in progress.”

Best Horse Practices with Jec Ballou will be available wherever you find your podcasts. You’ll be able to subscribe and donate.

“We’re looking forward to contributing to the horse community and engaging listeners,” said Butcher. “Stay tuned!

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  1. This will be excellent! I am so blessed to ride and continually learn from Jec Ballou. And I’m currently taking in every word of Maddy Butcher and Dr Steve Peters book “Horse Head”. The learning never stops, thank heavens for that!!!

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