Patagonia WorkWear Giveaway

Dr. Petra Sullwold wears WorkWear Barn Coat

We’re thrilled to have Patagonia WorkWear support the Best Horse Practices podcast. Just three podcasts in, WorkWear is offering two fantastic giveaways to listeners during the month of September.

Listeners will get their choice of a men’s or women’s style. Choose a Men’s Iron Forge Hemp Ranch Jacket (valued at $179) or a Women’s All Season Hemp Canvas Vest ($129) or the Women’s Barn Coat ($199). It’s all fair game!

To Enter:


We’ve been fans of WorkWear since Patagonia introduced this line of gear a few years ago. Since then, they have expanded their catalog and are offering tough yet stylish options for all of us hard-working horse owners. We particularly love the aforementioned Ranch Jacket, the Barn Coat, and the Western Snap Shirt (now in more colors than ever) and the vests for men and women.

Happy listening! We hope you enjoy our new podcast endeavor and good luck with the Patagonia WorkWear giveaway contest.

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We love the Western Snap shirt from Patagonia.


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  1. Loved Warwick Schiller’s accent/delivery of information. Appreciated his suggestion to learn in earnest, taking in the material as if you’re going to be teaching it. Helpful. Also appreciated his recommendation of the book “Dressage in the Fourth Dimension.” I’ve never done dressage, but am intrigued…

    • I am so excited and inspired by this content. These are excellent! Thank you for your contribution to bettering the possibilities and partnerships with our horses!

  2. Have waited years for this content. thank you from us and our beloved critters.
    motivational information that’s exciting to apply. We’re in.
    very best

  3. So many good things all at once! Your podcasts have all been amazing. Really like the shorter format for when I’m busy and all of your guests have been top notch. Add Patagonia clothing and life is just wonderful. I have a pair of Patagonia winter breeches I found in a Patagonia store well over 25 years ago, AND I still wear them. Their stuff is so well made! I wish they made those breeches again, hint hint.

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