New Summit Offering: Stepping Up

The Best Horse Practices Summit is charged with giving attendees tools to improve their horsemanship. This year, our presenters will undoubtedly send you home with new ideas and skills to advance your horse work.

  • But what about your state of mind?
  • How’s your confidence when it comes to making positive changes and creating healthier patterns?
  • How much does gender affect behavior and progress when it comes to being a good learner and leader for your horse?
  • Have injuries, fitness, aging, or simply getting bucked off impacted your confidence?

This year, we’re offering, Stepping Up, an extra day to address what many see as gender-specific issues in the horse world.

Colorado State University’s Alexis Kanda-Olmstead will lead Stepping Up, a workshop-driven day filled with practical tools based in science to help you become more confident in and out of the saddle.

Stepping Up will provide you with the tools to not only assist you in your connection with horses, but also with your personal and work life. We know those elements are connected and equally critical.

Included in Wednesday’s offerings:

  • Research findings on confidence from the fields of neuroscience, social psychology, and evolutionary biology
  • Exploration of gender dynamics as it relates to the horse world through storytelling (and story listening)
  • Round-table panel with horse industry leaders to discuss the prevalence of unconscious gender bias, the power of vulnerability, community building, skills-oriented progress.
  • Beverages and fine dining meals at the historic Strater Hotel.

The cost and additional details for this exciting, day-long, meal-inclusive event will be announced soon.

Alexis Kanda-Olmstead is the Managing Director for Talent, Training & Support at Colorado State University. She leads diversity and inclusion efforts, manages career and professional development initiatives, and delivers learning programs.

Her work around diversity and women’s issues has been recognized at the university and national levels by the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education. She is the Founder of AKO Collective, a women’s leadership development initiative based in northern Colorado.


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