Green Goo joins Charter Sponsors

This week, we welcome Green Goo, a family of natural products from Sierra Sage Herbs, as a new Charter Sponsor. The women-owned, B Corporation will be contributing some excellent offerings to our Best Horse Practices swag bags.

Read more about the company here. 

Writes Betty Johnston of Sierra Sage:

Our Green Goo Animal First Aid really gained recognition with farm and horse owners where preventative and natural care was absolutely necessary to keep everyone healthy. The product is great for skin irritations, hot spots, wounds and areas where horses tend to itch and irritate more. And the best thing is; you don’t need to prevent them from licking it off because the product is so natural and clean you can eat it.

As a natural progression, offering natural body care products to our animals has become important now that we know the damaging effects of chemicals on our own health. Preventative medicine not only ensures a better quality of life, but also helps reduce the costs of expensive medical care over time. Often times the little wounds require a vet visit because there is no over-the-counter first aid available. Green Goo Animal First Aid is the first and most effective over-the-counter care on the market. Not only are you reducing vet visits, you can manage day-to-day symptom discomfort.

All BHP Summit attendees will receive Green Goo Animal First Aid as well as other goodies and a coupon for future online purchases.
Thanks, Green Goo!

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