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Jec talks with Dr. Martin Nielsen, a parasitologist at the University of Kentucky and one of our super-fantastic presenters at the Best Horse Practices Summit in Lexington, Kentucky, Nielsen’s backyard, in October.

Martin has a host of popular YouTube videos that debunk deworming. Deworming is the traditional, not-best-practices method that many of us are familiar with.

Perhaps you, too, have ordered that value pack from some website with four different dewormers for four times a year deworming. Yeah, that’s not the best thing to do for your horse, turns out.

Dr. Martin Nielsen

There might be more misinformation about deworming than there is about the 2020 election. I kid you not.

But read these AAEP guidelines.

Here’s one outfit that offers fecal egg counts. There are many, vets offer it, and you can buy a microscope and learn to do it yourself..

Anyway, Nielsen has great insight here. Apologies for some less than ideal audio.

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Read more about debunking deworming here.

Listen to Episode 3

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