Episode 10: Experts & Open-Mindedness


Maddy Butcher

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A note from podcast producer, Maddy Butcher:

Here we are celebrating the 10th episode of our new podcast. Hooray for us and THANK YOU for listening! By all metrics, the new venture has been a shining success. Already we have been honored with thousands of listeners and enthusiastic sponsors. When we started chatting about it months ago, however, I wasn’t too sure.

  • I wasn’t sure about partnering with Jec – someone I really liked and respected, but didn’t know too well.
  • I wasn’t sure about podcast production software and accounting.
  • I wasn’t sure about my ability to speak articulately on a regular basis. (Most of the talking I do is in my head.)

Way back in high school, I posted full-page ad from Runner’s World on my family’s fridge. It captured a lone runner on a dirt road, heading through a tall, dense forest: “You Won’t Know if You Don’t Go.”

It’s a motto I’ve carried with me in my head as a reminder to explore, try new things, and be adventurous. Expanding our circles of comfort isn’t just about horsemanship, after all. So, during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, during my move from one Colorado town to another with home, horses, dogs, and chickens, Jec and I decided, after many lengthy phone calls and emails, to head into the unknown. You Won’t Know if You Don’t Go. 

The podcast has challenged me with learning new applications, making quick and accurate decisions around production and editing, and quasi-public speaking. Thank you again for checking it out, subscribing, reviewing, and submitting comments and questions.

In our 10th episode, we feature On the Fence, a segment in which the two of us discuss what’s on our minds. It may concern the horse industry, its demographics, what we’re seeing and what we hope for. It’s our chance to bounce around ideas and listen to each other’s perspectives.

You might detect a tad of spaciness on my part. Ok, I can be spacey anytime, but this week I was distracted by my son’s positive COVID test, our quarantine, and my pending test results.

In our ongoing Q & A segment, Jec answers a listener question about fear and return from injury.

We thank Patagonia WorkWear, Lucerne Farms, and Horse & Riders books for their generous sponsorships.

Here are links to Episode 10 mentions:

Randy Rieman’s scale from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence is here.

Did you know? Learning can be tribal. Read more about learning schools and how to avoid tribalism.

Learn more about experts and dogmatism in this Hidden Brain report.

Listen for some research-informed perspectives on experts, dogmatism, and how we can keep things fresh as riders, students, and teachers. Dr. Sheryl King will deliver the 2021 Best Horse Practices Summit keynote address on Deconstructing Dogma. Learn more here. 

Also in this episode, a question about conditioning from a listener in South Carolina.

Learn more about Jec’s 10 Week Conditioning Manual here.

Thanks to Lucerne Farms, Horse & Rider Books, and Patagonia WorkWear for their generous support.

Listen to Episode 10

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