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Five years.
300 newsletters.
400 articles. 500 blog posts. 50 videos.

rainbowNickerNews & BestHorsePractices have come a long way from our 4-page original website. Since 2008, we’ve —

  • Sponsored film documentaries, clinicians, non-profit events, and rescue organizations.
  • Assisted law enforcement in successful convictions of horse abusers.
  • Teamed with educators, researchers, and product developers to bring you fresh, positive, informative news every week.

Along the way, we’ve enjoyed the growing support of the best readers any on-line magazine could wish for. With your support, we were voted Best Blog finalist by the Equine Social Media Awards.

Thank You!

In the interest of delivering the best possible product, we’re moving to a subscription-based newsletter.  Beginning in 2014, for just $10 per year, you’ll receive weekly news and opinion, including sneak previews to upcoming projects and interviews.

$10 per year.
esma finalistLess than 25 cents per issue.

Thanks again for your enthusiastic support. With your subscription, you’ll receive a Thank You gift, including Eco Lips lip balm and MudLOVE band.

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