Best Horse Practices Summit Single Day Special

Are you local and can only get away for one Summit day?

Aren’t sure if you can attend for the entire, 2.5 day horse conference?

For a limited time, the Summit is available to you for single day registration.

Space is limited.

Offer ends October 1.

For $200, you can now register for Monday OR Tuesday.

Register here for single day, Monday or Tuesday


Register here for the entire, 2.5 day Summit

You will receive:

  • All access to early morning electives
  • All access to academic presentations at the Strater Theater
  • All access to arena presentations at the LaPlata Fairgrounds.
  • Special Redmond Rock gift bag
  • Complimentary Darn Tough socks
  • Summit swag bag
  • Scrumptious Lunch and dinner provided by the Strater Hotel.

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Register here for single day, Monday or Tuesday

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    • Hi Patricia, We’ve registered and tried the page several times. It might be an issue with not filling in all the asterik-marked elements. Please try again or call right away (207) 504 7837. We’ll get you signed up. Thanks!

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