Tell Us Your Ah-Helmet Moment

Tell us about your ah-helmet moment!
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Great news, readers! We’re teaming up with another top-notch company to bring you a series of spectacular giveaways.

We’re kicking off a six-month giveaway series with Troxel this week with the hope that our readers will keep their noggins safe during every riding season. The first helmet giveaway in the line-up is perfect for trial riders, and is actually the same helmet for which Dr. Peters chose to ditch his cowboy hat.

To toss your hat into the ring for a chance at a Troxel Sierra, send in a paragraph or two describing your ah-helmet moment (think ah-ha moment!) and a picture. When and why did you make the conscious decision to wear a helmet every ride (or for most rides)?

For the first round, we’ll accept entries May 14-20. Enter by contacting us with Sierra_Tan_2015description of your ah-helmet moment, OR send us a message on our Facebook page. The entries will be posted on NickerNews May 21. A week’s voting will run through midnight May 28. The entrant with the most votes will receive a brown Troxel Sierra helmet.

More about the Troxel Sierra.

Troxel touts the Sierra as the best-selling western helmet. Its rugged, leather-wrapped exterior not only looks good, but also withstands the toughest terrain on the trail while offering plenty of ventilation to keep you cool. The Sierra, which retails for $120, also offers a self-locking buckle, low profile, a visor and Troxel’s SureFit Pro™.

Click here to enter.

Stay tuned for next month’s giveaway— we’ll be offering Troxel’s Rebel Turquoise Rose.

Next month's Troxel helmet giveaway

Next month’s Troxel helmet giveaway

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  1. I was working a 2 year old fresh out of 60 days training so I wore a helmet. That 2 year old decided he was done working and bolted to the barn. The classic one rein stop did nothing. When he reached the wood fence he did a 90 degree right shooting me over 2 sections of fence and I landed on my head on the ice. Cracked the helmet and I suffered a concussion but would have fractured my skull if it wasn’t for the helmet. It just made sense after that because you never know when something unexpected will happen and you will need protection.

  2. A year and a half ago. A horse I was riding tripped and fell. She flipped–I sailed off like a shooting rocket straight into the tailgait of a pickup. Broke my wrist but no head injury!!! I’m a believer and yes I was wearing my helmet!

  3. My Ah Helmet moment was when I finally got the new-model Troxel Sierra to replace my old one, and found out that even the largest size wouldn’t fit my rather average male head. I learned that men don’t ride horses much, and the ones who do usually don’t wear helmets, or else Troxel would accommodate them. I’m still a helmet evangelist, but if you’re a guy, both by design and by size your options are limited.

  4. My ah-helmet moment happened to me during two of my High School Rodeos. We had just gotten a new roping horse a few days before the first rodeo.he was everything that i was looking for. Then during our team roping run, he bucked me off into the fence. I was ok thanks to my helmet, no concussion or anything. Then two weeks later we I rode the same horse at another rodeo. Once again, he bucked me off. This time there was damage. I was bucked off and hit face first into the arena fence. I broke my nose, busted by lip/braces, got a major black eye, and four stitched above my left eye. The bill of my helmet broke off, but that was it. There was no other damage to my helmet( or my head, no concussion either). I love my helmet, it daved my life. If i wouldn’t have worn it, I could have had more damage than i came out with. I wear my helmet everytime I ride, no matter weather its just a bareback ride or a rodeo. I am one of the only high school kids that rodeos with a helmet. I would rather look stupid wearing a helmet, than look professional wearing a cowboy hat, and risk the chance of not being able to do what I love ever again. I wish more people(especialy my rodeo family) would wear helmets more often. It would kill me to see anything happen to anyone of my rodeo friend that could have been prevented by wearing a helmet. Your brain doesn’t care whats stupid looking or not. It just cares about still working(or working properly)!! So i encourage everyone to wear a helmet!! Who cares what you look like, I know your brain dosen’t!!

  5. I have been wearing a helmet since 1994 – when my mentor / professor / future husband said simply “If you don’t ride with a helmet, you don’t ride with me.” Now I stole his comment – and make it a rule that if someone wants to ride with me – that they must wear a helmet. thanks for the article!

  6. Less than six hours ago, my Wife gets a call that my daughter has fallen off her horse and we need to come. I didn’t know what to expect. My wife and I race off in the truck about a mile up the road. My mind raced wildly and I prayed as we took each turn wondering what would be around the bend. My heart sank. There was my eighteen year old daughter wearing a helmet, lying in the tar roadway on her back. My twelve year old daughter huddled over her, holding her head still. As I race to her, people at the scene are telling me she is ok. As I kneel by her and help hold her head still, others inform me that the horse stumbled in the soft shoulder losing her balance and my daughter tried to jump off avoiding getting crushed by the horse. She got her boot caught in the stirrup and hit the back of her head on the tar. She was unconscious about thirty seconds, and could not remember what happened. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital she was given a through exam and found to have a mild concussion. When we left the hospital and got in the truck to come home, I was looking at the helmet and found where the foam was cracked and the outside had a large dent in it. Below the dent was the name TROXEL. The helmet did what I was suppose to do, protect my daughter. She is home tonight, with a headache and sore, but she is ok.Thanks to God for looking out for my daughter. Thanks to my youngest daughter for looking out for her older sister. And I am thankful that my daughter, who has been riding since she was five, knows to always wear ah-helmet.

  7. AhHa—ABSOLUTELY! A year and a half ago I was riding and the horse took a fall-actually flipped! Needless to say I shot off like a bullet! Straight into the tailgate of a pickup! Broke my wrist but no head injury! And YES! I was wearing my TROXEL!!!! I am a believer!!!!

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