Ah-Helmet Moment, Second Troxel Contest!

Tell us about your ah-helmet moment!
ah helmet
Last month, we had a fantastic response with seven finalists and dozens of votes. Here’s your second chance to win a Troxel helmet.

To toss your hat into the ring for a chance at a Troxel Rebel Turquoise Rose, send in a paragraph or two describing your ah-helmet moment (think ah-ha moment!) along with a picture. When and why did you make the conscious decision to wear a helmet every ride (or for most rides)?

For the first round, we’ll accept entries June 4-11. Enter by contacting us with description of your ah-helmet moment, OR

Next month's Troxel helmet giveaway

Next month’s Troxel helmet giveaway

send us a message on our Facebook page. The entries will be posted on NickerNews by June 12. A week’s voting will run through midnight June 19. The entrant with the most votes will receive a brown Troxel Rebel Turquoise Rose helmet.

More about the Troxel Rebel Turquoise Rose.

Click here to enter.

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