Ah-Helmet, Janan

Janan Johnson Cowles

As a young girl in Texas I rode my horse wearing a cowboy hat. I am now 55 I live in Maine and have horses again for the past 6 years. I have grandchildren and I require they wear a helmet also I wear a helmet after promising my mother that I would always wear one when riding the horse.

ah helmetI made a decision it was time to get a newer safer saddle if I were going to continue riding only trails with my horse. The store owner brought out the saddle I had chosen to try it on my horse 2 weeks ago I rode my horse in the round pen with the saddle for just a few minutes without a helmet for the first time in all these years. I knew I wanted this saddle but I chose to wait a day or two before ordering it.

The next day I was going to take one more ride in my old saddle to be sure of my decision. I almost went out without my helmet because it was going to be just a short ride inside the pasture but I turned around and put my helmet on. 30 minutes later I was on the ground and could not move I call for help from my cellphone and waited as I lied there with a cracked helmet and 3 broken ribs. I now thankfully need a new helmet and will not consider riding without one even for a few minutes.

This is my Ah- Helmet moment, safe and happy trails to everyone, Janan

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