WiseAssWallace: My Take on Equine Media World

WiseAssWallace is a beloved guest columnist for Cayuse Communications. From his pasture in southwestern Colorado, he’s on a quest to improve horse-human connections and make lives better for his fellow equines. In this installment, WiseAssWallace talks about the perils of mainstream horse media. WiseAssWallace writes: […]

Donkeys: “We don’t need no stinkin’ blankets!”

In winter, equines are generally best off if you provide them with plenty of hay and the option of shelter. More specifically, Best Horse Practices views blanketing as not only unnecessary but potentially harmful in most horse-keeping situations. Read more about that here. What, then, […]

Summiteers: Come Early for the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Coming to the Best Horse Practices Summit? Come a few days early to check out the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering. This year’s focus is “Laughing Stock” and, as words suggest, is all about humor. Check it out here. The Durango Cowboy Gathering Parade, one of […]

Mustang update and links

A lot has happened in the days since the Advisory Board to the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro program dropped the nuclear option and recommended the potential euthanasia of tens of thousands of animals in holding facilities. Read our op-ed here. There was a collective […]


By Maddy Butcher Despite the admonitions from the grain and supplement industry, scientists and horse folks increasingly agree: your horses will be just fine on pasture and/or hay and little else. But the qualities of pastures and hay vary depending on myriad elements including soil, […]

A “Big” Scare

Since Sackett’s death, I’ve been more wary of our horses’ wellness, especially when it comes to anything related to possible sand ingestion. Read about sand colic and other forms of colic. Over the last month or so, Jolene seemed to be getting bloated. She was […]

Vision & Head Restraint

By Maddy Butcher The more you know about your horse’s vision, the better partner you’ll be. Why? Most of us don’t give horses enough credit and responsibility for what they see and how they deal with it, according to several experts. The result is often […]

Saddle Struggles and Progress

If progress must be defined by always moving forward, then my progress with the mule would not be progress at all. Since my last posts, we’ve ridden many miles. Most have been pleasant, full of camaraderie and connection. There’ve been some unexpected bolts and bucks […]

Mule goes up & over

Smiling through gritted teeth, I’m making some progress with the mule. Like a lot of paths of progress, it has its bumps, hazards, and hairpin turns. Most recently, Jolene gave me a lesson in pressure. As I learned months ago, pressure with the new mule […]

When Grazing Doesn’t Come Naturally

I reached a new milestone with the mule yesterday. It had nothing to do with riding or saddling or lateral flexion, although we’ve made great strides in those areas. At first glance, this milestone might be considered a non-event in comparison. It involved the simple […]