Solving Arena Boredom

Editor’s Note: Amy Skinner is a regular guest columnist and has been a horse gal since age six. She has presented twice at the Best Horse Practices Summit and is the author of To Catch a Horse: Finding the Heart of your Horsemanship. She rides […]

Episode 8: Rider Fear

Listen to Episode 8: Rider Fear Maybe it’s more common among women. Maybe it’s just more openly talked about among women. Maybe what we do, ride an animal that’s about 10 times our weight is a good, cold fact to consider. According to folks out […]

Episode 7: Larry Whitesell

Listen to Episode 7. In this episode, Jec interviews Larry Whitesell of Baxter, Tennessee, east of Nashville. Larry is renowned in the gaited horse world. What distinguishes him is his interest and pursuit of classical methods. He’s well-traveled down the dressage road and a well […]

Episode 6: Cross Training

Listen to Episode 6 Season 2, Episode Six is a Coaches’ Corner with Amy Skinner in North Carolina. Here, Jec and Amy visit about cross training. It ties into our last episode in which we discussed what horses and riders need to know. It comes […]

On the Fence: What Horses and Riders Gotta Have

Listen to Episode 5 This episode is episode 5 (sorry about the error on the audio, in which we identified it as episode 4) and an On the Fence segment – a show in which Jec and I discuss something that’s been on our collective […]

Episode 2, Robin Foster

Listen to Episode 2, Season 2 In this episode, Jec talks with Robin Foster, a certified applied animal behaviorist and a professor at the University of Puget Sound in Washington State. Next week, Jec interviews BHPS presenter Martin Nielsen. Foster cites an interesting study on grooming […]

Podcast Season Two

Return to Podcast Main Page Head to Season 1 Head to Season 3 Season Two Episode 1, with Ben Longwell Episode 2, with Robin Foster Episode 3, with Dr. Martin Nielsen Episode 4, with Dr. Rebecca Husted Episode 5, On the Fence: What Horses & […]

Podcast Season One

Return to Podcast Main Page Head to Season 2 Head to Season 3 Season One Listen to Episode 1, featuring Jim Masterson of the Masterson Method Listen to Episode 2, featuring Warwick Schiller Listen to Episode 3, featuring Dr. Steve Peters Listen to Episode 4, […]

Episode 30: Horse Shows

Listen to Episode 30 I’m feeling pretty pleased that here we are at Episode 30. Thirty! It was about a year ago when Jec and I first started bouncing around the idea of a podcast. We were decidedly not interested in just throwing one out […]

Episode 25: Coaches’ Corner

Listen to Episode 25 We have a scintillating coaches’ corner with Jec and Amy Skinner. Amy is a trainer and Best Horse Practices Summit presenter based in North Carolina. Here, the two discuss a saddling concern sent in by a listener in Michigan: “When Bandit, […]