Research enlightens your horse work

Knowing and controlling how your movements, behavior, and thoughts impact your equine partner is the absolute key to your good horsemanship. While BestHorsePractices is dedicated to reviewing equine science, some new human research is immensely relevant to our horsemanship. Let’s consider confidence, fear, power, and […]

Four keys to higher learning

Amy Skinner is the horsewoman behind Essence Horsemanship in Boyne City, Michigan. Later this year, she will celebrate her 40th article as a guest columnist for NickerNews and BestHorsePractices. Kudos, Amy! You can meet her at next week’s Equine Affaire, where she will help staff […]

When Speed is Sex

By Maddy Butcher After my recent bolting incident, this comment kept bubbling to the surface: “You need to get a horse to where you can open him up and go…A horse is pretty incomplete if you can’t just open him up and not have him […]

Randy Rieman, 2

Randy Rieman fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a horseman when, in his early 20’s he left the Midwest and traveled to Montana. With a keen willingness to work hard and an enthusiasm for learning, he connected with many fine horseman, including Bill and Tom […]

The Wobble Board of Learning

By Maddy Butcher Most of us will not pursue a neuroscience doctorate in between trail rides and hay tossings. But we can skim equine neurology’s surface to give readers insight aimed at improving the connections between horse and rider. We’ve talked about dopamine, the feel-good […]

Triple Crown Boycott

For the love of horses, I’m boycotting the Triple Crown this year. There will be no watching the Derby, Preakness, or Belmont in this house. Why? The thoroughbred industry is one of the most irresponsible breeders in the country. Each year, thousands of foals are […]


  A Rider’s Reader is just the type of horse book I like to read. You can pick it up and thumb through the pages and start reading anywhere. The book has that unique blend of being both entertaining and educational. You learn while having […]

‘Bombproof’ or Shutdown?

  Editor’s Note: Amy Skinner rides English and Western, has studied at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Spain, with Buck Brannaman, and several others. She is a 2018 and 2019 Best Horse Practices Summit presenter.  By Amy Skinner “Bombproof” The word seems […]

Dump this practice! Part I

The practice of cross-tying and using halters in the pasture are two good ways to hurt a horse and two of my pet peeves. First, crossties: Steady, well-trained horses give to pressure. But it’s stressful for a horse to give to pressure only to run […]