Do Hang. Don’t Flip: proper 5 Star Equine pad storage

With the All American contest in full swing, we got curious about the specifics of taking care of 5 Star saddle pads. Scores of all-american-giveawayclinicians, cowboys, and English riders swear by them and we’re giving away one to a lucky Remuda Reader.

What’s the best way to care for them in between rides?

  • Lay it on top of your saddle?
  • Hang it vertically?
  • Place it under your saddle?

We talked with 5 Star Equine Products owner Terry Moore by phone at his Hatfield, Arkansas facility. Moore’s suggestions below:


  • Do hang them by themselves, not on top of each other or on top or under a saddle.
  • Do hang them on a saddle rack or a board or rope that will help it maintain the horse’s contour. If you’re placing it on a board like this nifty DIY saddle rack, secure a rolled-up towel to one end of the 2 x 4. The added height of the towel will mimic the wither contour developed when riding.
  • Do hang them vertically from a hook when saddle racks aren’t available.

Remember: These pads are wool felt and need to breathe,

Terry and Julia Moore, owners of 5 Star Equine Products

Terry and Julia Moore, owners of 5 Star Equine Products

especially after a long, sweaty ride.


  • Don’t flip it upside down when storing. Ever. This practice compromises the integrity of the contour developed by being on the horse’s back. It also stretches the threads and the stitching, thus compromising the pad construction.
  • Don’t leave them on or under your saddle. Especially in humid climates, the pad will not dry properly and it could create a mold or mildew problem for your saddle.

Thanks, Terry!

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