THE Conference with Substance and Principles

Dr. Gerd Heuschmann

As you read about the presenters at the Best Horse Practices Summit, especially the ones delivering academic presentations, you’ll notice a common thread: they’re all going against the industry grain.

  • They will not tell you that spending more money will help your horse.
  • They will not tell you that if you just add this regimen or that supplement or this piece of equipment, then your problems will be solved.

More likely, they will advocate less stuff and more knowledge. Why? Because horses need their owners and riders to be empowered with more knowledge and less stuff. Owners and riders need more mental and physical tools in their tool boxes.

We’ve selected these presenters because they have consistently put their principles and research over monetary gain. That’s often meant that they have tolerated discord from industry insiders. They have ruffled more than a few feathers.


We say, welcome to the Summit!

It’s for that same discord that you might feel uneasy when coming away from a conventional horse expo. Can you hear your horse asking you, ‘what was in it for me?’

We felt the same way when we brought together a steering committee and formed this non-profit, the Best Horse Practices Summit. We have worked hard to offer you a conference of substance, with meat on its bones, with offerings that have direct, positive impact on your horse-human partnerships.

To all those who’ve registered, thanks for joining us on this ride!

For those who have yet to sign on, we’re pretty sure your horse is asking you, ‘what’s the hold up?’

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Stanley and Adventure Medical join Summit Sponsors

We’re thrilled to have two new sponsors join our excellent roster of Charter Sponsors of the Best Horse Practices Summit. The conference, which is drawing attendees from 22 states (including Hawaii) and three Canadian provinces (including Nova Scotia), welcomes Stanley and Adventure Medical Kits.

Stanley makes a great, new travel mug called the Mountain Vacuum Switchback.  It’s the ONLY travel mug we’ve used that is virtually leakproof and yet easy to drink from. Hooray! You will have the chance to purchase it at the Best Horse Practices Summit trade booth.

Adventure Medical knows that horse owners are also dog owners. We love their Me and My Dog series of first aid kits which have cold packs, irrigation syringes, and tweezers. You will see them available at the Summit trade booth.

Thanks Stanley and Adventure Medical!

Read more about our Charter Sponsors. 

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Green Goo joins Charter Sponsors

This week, we welcome Green Goo, a family of natural products from Sierra Sage Herbs, as a new Charter Sponsor. The women-owned, B Corporation will be contributing some excellent offerings to our Best Horse Practices swag bags.

Read more about the company here. 

Writes Betty Johnston of Sierra Sage:

Our Green Goo Animal First Aid really gained recognition with farm and horse owners where preventative and natural care was absolutely necessary to keep everyone healthy. The product is great for skin irritations, hot spots, wounds and areas where horses tend to itch and irritate more. And the best thing is; you don’t need to prevent them from licking it off because the product is so natural and clean you can eat it.

As a natural progression, offering natural body care products to our animals has become important now that we know the damaging effects of chemicals on our own health. Preventative medicine not only ensures a better quality of life, but also helps reduce the costs of expensive medical care over time. Often times the little wounds require a vet visit because there is no over-the-counter first aid available. Green Goo Animal First Aid is the first and most effective over-the-counter care on the market. Not only are you reducing vet visits, you can manage day-to-day symptom discomfort.

All BHP Summit attendees will receive Green Goo Animal First Aid as well as other goodies and a coupon for future online purchases.
Thanks, Green Goo!

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Amy Skinner returns to Maine

Amy Skinner of Essence Horsemanship and Bar T Ranch will visit Maine for a weekend of private and semi-private lessons October 21-22.

The accomplished horsewoman teaches English and Western. Her schedule for the October weekend is booked solid, but you can still audit.

The event takes place at Goldenwinds Farm in Norridgewock, Maine.

  • Lessons start at approximately 8 am and go until 6 pm.
  • Auditors are welcome at $25 per day.

The weekend event will take place in Goldenwinds’ indoor arena, a 60’ x 120’ space as well as in nearby outdoor spaces. For more information and directions, contact Debbie Hight at (207) 431-0644 or dhight at tds dot net.

Skinner has studied at the Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Spain, with Buck Brannaman, Leslie Desmond, Brent Graef, and many others. Additionally, she is an accomplished guest columnist for NickerNews and BestHorsePractices. Read her articles here.

For more information,

Juliana Zunde to offer tutelage in Durango

Juliana Zunde, an accomplished rider, frequent guest columnist, and Best Horse Practices Summit special guest, will offer clinic lessons in Durango, October 5-7, just before the BHP Summit. Riders registered for the Summit will get HALF OFF her rates.

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Zunde writes:

I was born in Germany and started riding when I was 8 years old. At 14, I passed the German riding test in order to compete at the equivalent of our A shows. This test consisted of a 1.10m jumping course, a second level dressage test, a written and oral test. I showed in Germany up to the 1.30 jumper classes. I came to the USA in 1981 and worked for several people as a groom and rider before starting my own business. I have worked every aspect of the US Hunter and Jumper business ever since.

I have taught riders from learning to put the foot in the stirrup iron, to top levels of Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation classes. I have also competed in the 1.50 Division in the jumper ring on a thoroughbred that I had rescued from the killers. I am a USHJA approved Trainer, and also have a small “r” judging license for Hunters and Hunt Seat Equitation.

My training philosophy is summed up in the 10 Points of Track-Momentum-Balance. Read more about that here.  I combine years of experience in classical dressage along with my knowledge of natural horsemanship to help you have a cohesive relationship with your horse and better communication regardless of your discipline.

Rates: $100 per person for one hour private or semi-private lesson.

$120 per person for 4-6 people in a two-hour session.

Half price for those registered for the Summit.

For more information and to book time with Zunde, please call Catherine Milton at 314-323-8305.

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