Lyme Side Effect, Part I

Researching the Lyme article provided some new perspective into: How the animal science business at universities is still business. How beating down the disease can have a crippling side effect. First, the business side effect: Cornell University and the University of Connecticut are obviously affiliated with their labs, the Animal Health Diagnostic Center and the […]

Lyme Side Effect, Part II

CVMDL Director Sandy Bushmich reminded me of a rare phenomenon affecting about one percent of Lyme equine patients, she said. Read Lyme article. Read Part I. It’s called the Herxheimer effect. (Named after Karl Herxheimer, a German doctor who discovered it while developing a treatment for Syphillis before being murdered by the Nazis.) Herx-ing happens […]


By Maddy Butcher Lyme disease cycle in bug terms: Egg Larva Nymph Adult Repeat Lyme disease cycle in horse owner terms: Pain. Expense. Frustration. Confusion. Repeat. It’s hard to believe such a tiny organism (Borrelia burdorferi), hosted by a larger but still tiny organism (deer tick), could wreak such havoc on the welfare of our […]

Summer fun: snakes and ticks

Back East, ticks give me the heebie-jeebies. They and the linked prospect of getting Lyme Disease, represent one of the biggest impediments to carefree outings. Here in Colorado during the summer months, it’s rattlesnakes. The possibility of harm and crisis – for horses, humans, and dogs – is enough to motivate several preventative strategies. There’s […]

Looking back, looking ahead

2013 was a heckuva year for NickerNews and BestHorsePractices. It started last winter with a bang. Two bangs, actually. The first came with NickerNews’ nomination for Best Blog in the Equestrian Social Media Awards. The ESMAs featured an international field with most bloggers commercially backed. We advanced as finalists, were thrilled to compete, and excited […]

Practice Reviews

Improve your horsemanship and ownership by reading more practice-oriented articles. Check out these critically acclaimed features: Helmet Use Colic Hoof Abscesses Ownership Care Continuum Vision & Head Restraint More on Vision Cons of Comfort Bolting Bombproof or Shutdown? Foal Imprinting Lyme Disease Acupuncture Deworming Horsenality Optimal Learning Cons of Comfort Wobble Board of Learning Straight […]


Welcome to the Articles Home Page As a new site, we will steadily add articles as we review research, goods and services. To view our articles, mouse over the Articles header at the top of the page or click on links below. Read how Rider Weight impacts horses. Read about the scientific review of the […]

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