Ah-helmet, Chelsea

Chelsea Reich

My ah-helmet moment was before I even started riding. When I was six I was in a terrible car accident and got a bad brain ah helmetinjury. It took years of therapy but finally I was able to walk, talk, and do normal stuff again. I found my love for horses then and ever since have always had horses.

I always, always wear my helmet when I am riding because I know how fragile the brain is. I have had my share of horse accidents too but one was really bad. The horse flipped over on me and broke my hip, pelvis, tail bone and some other bones would’ve probably been worse had I not been wearing my helmet. I don’t care that people think they look dorky I would rather be safe then sorry.

Horses are my life.

Tell Us Your Ah-Helmet Moment

Tell us about your ah-helmet moment!
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To toss your hat into the ring for a chance at a Troxel Sierra, send in a paragraph or two describing your ah-helmet moment (think ah-ha moment!) and a picture. When and why did you make the conscious decision to wear a helmet every ride (or for most rides)?

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More about the Troxel Sierra.

Troxel touts the Sierra as the best-selling western helmet. Its rugged, leather-wrapped exterior not only looks good, but also withstands the toughest terrain on the trail while offering plenty of ventilation to keep you cool. The Sierra, which retails for $120, also offers a self-locking buckle, low profile, a visor and Troxel’s SureFit Pro™.

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Stay tuned for next month’s giveaway— we’ll be offering Troxel’s Rebel Turquoise Rose.

Next month's Troxel helmet giveaway

Next month’s Troxel helmet giveaway

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